Presenting:Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen!Whoooooo! : )

By Chayann Ung
Due Wednesday, October 31,2012

This is a picture of Wiliam Roentgen and an      x-ray machine.

      Wilhelm Roentgen was born on March 27, 1845 at Lennep,Germany. He died on February 10, 1923.
          William Roentgen invented the x-ray and that lead him to find new and different rays. Discovering the x-ray made him a celebrity. He recieved many honors. All of his prizes would fill an entire book! He also preferred to work alone. During his vacations he spent time at his summer house enjoying time with his friends and expeditions in the mountains.                            He found the x-ray by mistake when he was experimenting with vacuming tubes. Also when he was working with a cathode ray tube in his laboratory and adding things to it he found that he created an "invisible light" or ray. He called it an x-ray because in mathematics "X" means unknown. In his discovery he found out that the x-ray would pass through the tissue of humans leaving the bones and metals visible.
The x-ray looks like the picture above.Underneath it is a table where you lay. Then the people will scan your body. After that they will look at it and tell you what is wrong.

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