3-D Printing and Modeling

This is my tackk of my progress for my 3-D printing project.

3-D Printing Choice (Day 1)

I chose 3-D printing and modeling.

This is because I had a lot of fun during sketchup and thought it was reasonably easy to do.

I want to get better at designing things, and want to create a boat/submarine to test it's floating ability.

No, I would rather not do this as a career, but I do think it would be a fun hobby.

Intro Research(Planning)
(Day 2)

I am planning on watching videos or reading on how to make more complicated designs, like ovals, or teardrop shapes.

Further Introduction Research
(Day 3)

I watched videos and read articles on how to create more complicated shapes, like spheres.

Project Work (Day 4)

I still need to find out more information on how to create shapes, like ovals and discs. I would like to know how to make a sphere, but with an oval. (The shape of a submarine or the hull of a boat)

More Work on My Project (Day 5)

I have started working, and through trial and error, I think I have finally come up with a way to make my boat. Also, I have decided to make a canoe. I have been having a lot of trouble in creating a rounded shape, which is irritating. The main problem I'm having now is that I can't seem to hollow my boat out.

Anything new? (Day 6)

There aren't many special terms other than the different tools and views. I am trying to create a separate floatation part so the boat is sure to stay up, which is on some canoes.

More Work (Day 7)

I decided to get rid of the floatation, and create oars. Also, I figured out how to make my canoe hollow! Yay! I am starting to watch videos on how to print it, too.

NEW Information (Day 8)

I feel like I need to make my oars a bit bigger, if they would be useful in real life. My main concern with my model is that when I print it, it will be paper thin. If this happens, it most likely will break before I even get to test it.

Technical Parts of 3-D Printing (Day 9)

I have finally come up with a model I like, and am going to start printing very soon. There is now seats and a keel, courtesy of Mr. Ternent.

Technical Pieces, Part 2 (Day 10)

After printing a smaller model, we found the perfect size, and printed the canoe, and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. I was right about the oars being too small, but it's okay. It went through a lot of programs to print it, I didn't realize how much work had to go into transferring models.

My Model! (Day 11)

These are a few pictures of while my model was printing. It was really cool to watch it print, and I got out of a bit of class! The printer made a honeycomb design inside, so I carved it out.

Testing my Model, Part 1 (Day 12)

I have a large glass tray that I will be filling with water. I will place my boat in it, and try splashing the water to see if it will stay up. I will also place pennies on it to see how much weight it will hold.

Testing my Model, Part 2 (Day 13)

My model did very well. I wasn't expecting my boat to stay up, but it did. It held all ten pennies, which was also very exciting.

Modifying my Model (Day 14)

Although I am pretty proud of my canoe, there are some things I would want to change. First, I would have liked bigger oars. It would have been nice if they were as long as the boat and a bit thicker. Also, I wish the actual paddle part of my boat was bigger, as it didn't print correctly, so I was left with only 2 stick-like structures. Additionally, I wish it would have been hollow, with the keel thicker.

Modifying my Model, Cont. (Day 15)

After some changes, I fixed the oars. They are now longer and thicker. I show the new model next to the old. I also made the keel bigger, but now it looks kinda weird.

Almost Done! (Day 16)

So, I am just about done with my project, and I had a lot of fun! It was really cool to see it print, and I loved testing it. If I had the choice, I would definitely do this again.

Did it Work? (Day 17)

My model did work. I tested it a while ago, and as I said, it held all 10 pennies. I am very proud of my boat, and learned a lot about 3D printing, which I will explain in my next entry.

Reflections (Day 18)

I learned many things about my project. For one, I learned more complex shapes on sketch-up. I also learned how to convert models into printable files. Additionally, I learned how to print models, and how 3D printers work, like how high the temperature of the machine gets, and how the filament goes through the machine to actually print things. I think my model worked quite well, but there are always possible revisions. I think that I would want to do this as a hobby, but I don't think I would pursue this subject as a career. This is because even though it is fun to print and create 3D models, I still think I would have more enjoyment in other subjects, like biology, because I really like studying marine life. I do not wish I would have picked a different subject, because I had a lot of fun designing, printing, and testing my 3D model, and I don't think I would have had more fun in a different subject.  Looking around, none of the other projects seemed very enjoyable, especially not rube goldberg machines.

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2 years ago

Awesome job! I like that you used a lot of trials and errors to make your boat, I can't wait to see it float!

2 years ago

I want to see this when it is done!!! Mr. Z.

2 years ago

So cool! I like how you reflected on what you were doing - like how you thought about changing the size of the oars. Well done.