Dance Project

By: Cara N & Ciera N

Outfit Cost

The total cost for the outfit is $41.96 after the discount and tax. We found it by multiplying 30 by $56.55 then with that answer divided by 100, the answer was $16.96. That was the discount. Then we subtracted $16.96 from $56.55 and got $39.59. Next we multiplied 6 times $39.59 and with the answer divided 100 and got $2.37. That is tax, then we added that to $39.59 and got $41.96 for the total cost for the outfit.

Dinner Cost

The total cost of the dinner was $22.90 after tax and a tip. We found this by multiplying 6 by 18 then with the answer divided 100. We got $1.08, The whole dinner cost $18 so we added $1.08 plus $18, we got $19.08. Then we multiplied 20 by 19.08 and with the answer divided 100 to find the tip. We got $3.82, then we had to add $19.08 plus $3.82 and got $22.90.


We chose to buy the tickets in advance so it only cost $10.00


Q1. Determine how much money you will need in order to attend the 7th grade dance.

A1. All costs and fees and tip and tax cost $74.86

Q2. If your parents lend you $75.00, is that enough money to cover your costs? Why or why not?

A2. Yes, if you receive $75.00 you will have enough money.  After tax, tips and fees we ended up spending less than the amount we where given.

Q3. What is the percent of change in the price of dance tickets from buying it in advance to buying them at the door?

A3. The percent of change in the price of tickets from buying them in advance to buying them at the door is a 15%  increase, from $10.00 to $15.00.

Q4. Your parents have decided you will have to pay them the $75.00 back with an additional interest of 5%. How much money will you owe your parents, including interest.

A4. You will owe your parents $3.75 in interest, so all together you will owe $78.75.