Onei Beauty Ceramic Flat Iron

The best ceramic flat iron out there!!

The Best Ceramic Flat Irons:

Onei’s ceramic flat iron hair straightener is the best salon quality flat iron because they are specifically designed for curly and thick hair. The plates are high quality ceramic for coarse or curly hair. Titanium flat iron hair straighteners tent to break down, burn hair and hard on hair texture. Ceramic iron plates are better for texture. 100% ceramic flat irons are best for coarse and curly hair alike, because they deliver more even heat distribution, while eliminating damaging spots. 100% ceramic plates produce beneficial negative ions and infrared heat rays to create more shiny and frizz-free hair, while absorbing your hairs natural moisture and can cause significantly less damage. Onei’s flat irons are also more efficient in heat retention which can allow for thicker hair to be more easily straightened.

Ceramic vs Titanium hair straightener flat irons

Titanium plates in flat irons do not protect your hair. In fact, in a recent study, titanium flat irons vs. ceramic flat irons, show that titanium plate flat irons actually damage hair significantly more than Ceramic. Titanium fla irons have also been shown to cause more damage in colored, highlighted, and any chemically altered hair. The best flat iron for dyed hair is Onei’s MK-I halo ceramic flat iron. If you are looking for a cheap flat iron hair straightener we can refer to you Walmart, but if you want a digital readout, and quality, Onei's quality cannot be beat for the price.

Best Flat iron Temperature:

400 degrees to 430 degrees is the best flat iron temperature to reduce burning and hair damage. Fortunately Onei’s patented flat iron can reduce the damaging effects of heat by evenly dispersing the head throughout the flat iron hair straightener. Thick and curly hair can be very difficult to straighten in lower temperature and curly hair may require temperatures around 430-450 degrees.

How do Straightening irons work?

Straightening irons, flat irons, or straighteners break down your hair's positive hydrogen bonds found in the hair's cortex, which can cause hair to open up, or bend and become curly or straight depending on the Straitening iron method being used. Once the bonds are broken, hair is prevented from holding its original, natural form, though the hydrogen bonds can re-form if exposed to moisture. They can use ionic and Nano technology. They use mainly ceramic material for its plates. Low end straighteners use single layer of ceramic coating on its plates whereas high end straighteners use multiple layers of ceramic or even use 100% ceramic material for its plates.

Onei Beauty Flat Iron Reviews:

Jennifer Frey

I've been shopping around for irons for a while, reading reviews and what not. You don't know what to believe and it's very frustrating. I gave this iron a shot because the price was reasonable and it promises a 4 year warranty. I used to have the best Chi Flat iron, which provided me with 6 years of faithful service before it burned out.

Upon my first use of this iron, I knew I made the right choice. The main thing I noticed is that it did not pull on my hair, which I greatly appreciated since this happened all of the time with my Chi. The second thing I noticed is how hot it was; much hotter than my Chi. I was able to straighten each section of my hair with just a single pass. For reference I am Caucasian with hair that is thick, coarse, wavy and frizzy. After using this iron it was smooth, glossy, and perfectly straight. I used it on the hottest setting - 450 degrees, but I will probably turn down the temp because my hair smells just a teensy bit burnt. In my opinion, the hottest setting would be perfect for ladies with harder-to-straighten hair.

The only thing I do not know of course, is if the iron will hold up over the years, or if the warranty will be honored should a problem arise. If it lasts even as half as long as my Chi then it is worth the money in my opinion. I will update this review if anything changes but at this point, I am extremely happy with this iron.


When i first tried the flat irons my hair wasnt freshly washed so i figured the It would smell. So the next day i washed and conditioned my hair and flat ironed it. the irons left my hair smelled fried and burnt. yet my hair looked silky and felt the same. they make my hair look fabulous but it makes it smell a bit, it is definitely the hottest flat iron I have ever had. The ceramic straightening iron is worth the money and very quick to style.


It was dificult for me to find affordable high quality flat irons, but I bought this Onei Flat Iron last week and I sooooo love it! I've never been a huge fan of flat irons so would rarely use them but this one, for whatever the reason, is so easy to use. Heats up in's crazy fast. I have short hair and love how I can add a flip to the ends. Love the long cord. The auto shut off is awesome. It is so much nicer than my daughters' over-priced "professional" irons.

Best Flat Irons

Leslie Fox

This flat iron is the best! It heats up extremely fast and also cools down very fast too. The flat iron ceramic plate is very touch (not that im trying to straighten keys) It can get very hot, 450 degrees, but I prefer to set it to 330 degrees. It has a digital display for the exact temperature setting. I've used many flat irons and this one is far superior in ease of use and performance. Onei really is one of the best flat irons I have ever used.

John Maronde

I didn't realize how much easier hair styling could be with the right tools! I hesitated to buy this ceramic iron because of it's price, but learned after using it for the first time that it is WELL worth it! It is the best flat iron for thick curly hair, It cuts my styling time in half! A must purchase if you're in the market for a new flatiron.

Jennifer Logan

I was worried that I had never heard of this brand before, but I read all the excellent reviews and so I tried it and I'm glad I did. I've owned many brands of irons and they keep getting cheaper by the minute(Chi is one of these). Overall, I am happy with the product and would tell anyone looking for a new hot iron to try this brand. I really like the results I got!

Best Professional Flat Iron


I did lengthy research on professional flat irons because both my husband and I have very curly hair (and his is frizzy) and we needed something that would really work to straighten and de-frizz. After reading the flat iron reviews on amazon, I found it is amazing and with one of the best cheap flat irons, In general, it seems the ceramic irons work best, but we have another Chi flat iron that doesn't work as well as this. This one is lightweight and is a fairly quick to heat up as well, and it straightens the hair so smoothly. We both love it and HIGHLY recommend.


This is the best straightener I have ever had, it is really great. Heats up very fast. I use it on my clients as well as myself and it leaves the hair shiny and soft. Its also pretty much a single pass iron. I usually use it on 410 and it works great. For the price this was an amazing buy. I had the t3 before this one and I must say this one has been a whole lot better. As per other reviews of the chiming sound. Their new ones do not have it so no need to fret of annoying sounds. I purchased from mkt dist. And customer service is great. Also customer service from onei themselves has been amazing. And last but not least the warranty is the best.


Completely in love with this product!! I was looking for a good Flat iron, But I cannot compare with any flat iron I have used before. Already replaced my chi flat iron and in styler with this onei. Creates beautifully sleek hair as well as perfected beach waves. A must have in every women's product lineup!!!

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