A Hassle free medium for Stock market: Online Trading Account

Indian stock market has now become a common man’s baby who believes in cradling its individual money with their own personalized care and concern. Right from a taxi driver to a bank employee everyone has now become the decision maker in this multi-billion stock market of India through a medium known as “Online Trading”. Yes, “Online Trading Account” is your one stop shop of equity shares, mutual funds and IPOs under a single umbrella.

With the enormous increase in the volumes of online trading and the millions of people getting associated with this user-friendly platform, online trading has become the most preferred mode of stock trading in India. Fortunately, help is at hand through the online investing platforms that are available to investors. The technology enables you to completely plan your investing needs with the comfort of your preferred destination and time you like, all at the click of the mouse. The article gives you insight about a quick hassle free medium for online trading, how to open an online trading account and few things to be followed to make it a successful money making tool.

“INTERNET” is the desired tool which will not only save your time and energy but will also help you run your online trading account anytime, anywhere and anyhow in India. For this all you need is a computer, net connection and a subscription for an integrated 3-in-1 online trading account with any of the service providers:

  • Trading account, which enables you to transact online
  • An Internet enabled bank account for online money transfers through Internet
  • A demat account, where your shares will be deposited

With millions of tech-smart investors trading online on a daily basis, it has been observed that they are usually satisfied by online stock broking.

To start an online trading account one needs to follow few simple steps. Firstly you need to find the right online stock broker for yourself. Various online financial services keep looking out for potential customers. Find the ones that fit your particular investment strategy and basic stock trading needs. Although the services rendered are almost similar the difference lies in the extras, brokerage charges such as flat or decreasing and so on. Online stock brokers have their own software or trading platform. It is necessary that you get acquainted with their brokerage account software. Once you open an online account, you will get access to it with an array of diverse electronic features that will help you buy, sell and track your trades. Make sure your firm has good customer service, so that staff can guide you through any confusion you might initially have.

Keep in mind few things while choosing an online trading account such as: Ensure you have a backing of a reputed bank or financial institution, which provides additional safety. Check if you get the flexibility to invest in equity shares, mutual funds and IPOs fully through the online route. Keep a tab on speedy execution of your equity orders during the peak transacting hours. Ensure you are getting the best of information, research support and tools, which is provided to you in an easy and reader friendly manner. Stay updated with the security features inbuilt into the system and lastly see if you have a dedicated customer care to take care of your queries and problems.

Online trading account provides the investor with a user name and password for checking his account details. An additional password is provided for carrying out the actual transactions. This means the investor is guarded with a double-layered security.

Although, online account has made the trading procedures far less tedious, but still it is not a viable option for everyone in India. Many factors which still act as a hurdle on the track of online trading are bad internet connections, high registration fees and deposit amounts, and the need to maintain accounts with select Depositary Participants. Even though online trading in India needs to catch up with technology, it has already caught the fancy of the common man.

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