Online Student Readiness

SLATE Conference - October 2014 - Naperville, IL

Presentation: How Ready Are College Students to Learn Online Today?

Presenters: Dr. Staci Trekles - Purdue University North Central; Kathleen Gordon and
Sunila (Sue) Samuel - American School

When: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 4 p.m.

Where:  12th Annual SLATE Conference, which runs from October 22–24, 2014. The conference is hosted by Northern Illinois University, Naperville Campus.

What we'll talk about:  Twenty-first century students live with their smartphones almost constantly in their hands. They know how to post updates on Facebook and Twitter, share photos on Instagram, and use their cell phone to communicate and find information—but are they truly ready to be online learners?

During our presentation we'll look at student readiness for online learning, exploring the current issues and strategies that instructional designers, faculty, and institutions can implement in helping more students succeed online. Participants will hear from both college and high school instructional design professionals on their perspectives on student study skills, technology savvy, and support needs in online learning. In addition, we'll give examples of what these practices look like within different LMS environments, including Blackboard and Moodle, along with tips for technology integration that can help personalize and differentiate student learning experiences.

Useful Videos

Here are two videos with great tips to share with potential or new students on being a successful online learner.

Additional Resources