Using Aware to Create Online Tests

Presented by Coral Hoyt

Your Options for Using an Online Test

1. A teacher created test

2. A district created unit test

Option 1: Using a Teacher Created Test

This option allows you to create your own test using resources in Aware or your own questions.

Option 2: Using a District Created Unit Test

This option allows you to use a district unit test to assess your students without using a scantron

*This option requires no prep!

Starting an Online Test

Once you have chosen the option you would like for online testing, starting an online test is as easy as a couple steps!

Directing Your Students Where to Go

After you have started the test in Aware, your students are ready to take the test.

Your students will need to know a few things:

1. They need the link to the site were they will take the test ( . You can post the link in itslearning, email it to them, or have them bookmark it.

2. Students need to know their username and password. IMPORTANT- Their password to login to this site DOES NOT have the two zeros in front of it.

Screenshots of a Test in Aware

Some Helpful Hints:

- By clicking the "T" button at the bottom right, students can highlight important text in the question or answer choice.

- Right-clicking an answer choice will allow students to "strike through", or cross off, incorrect answer choices.

- Have students click "Save Test" periodically to save their answers in case their power dies or they loose internet connectivity.

- Students MUST click "Score Test" for the test to be graded.

- You can print a scantron for individual students in the event that their test does not work properly or they prefer to use a scantron.

Accessing the Grades & Data in Aware

You access grades in Aware similarly to how you are used to. District created unit tests will be in the same spot that they always were before; teacher created tests will be labeled under "Teacher Test."

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