South Korea

The big five

The South Korean government is a republic. That means that they elect officials to serve designated terms. The government has 3 branches, executives, the national assembly and the judiciary branch. The president lives in the Blue House,which has the main government office building, the presidential residence, and the guest house.

South Korea has one of the best economies in Asia. Samsung, creators of the popular Galaxy line, are headquartered in Seoul. Labor intensive manufacturing is a big industry in Korea.  The country relates to the us by being a former farming country.Fishing and mining only make up a small percentage of the south korean economy.

South Korea is almost half of the entire Korean peninsula. The capital of the country is Seoul. The two major mountain ranges are the Taebaek and Sobaek. The major rivers are the Han, Kum,and Naktong.Between North and South Korea is the DMZ.

Starting in 1980, technology became a major export. The Samsung company is based in Seoul. Air,rail and bus travel are big in South Korea.South Korea has one of the fastest Internet services in the world. Taxis are plentiful and inexpensive.

In South Korea, there are long school hours. School is free for 9 years. The most prominent religion is Cristianity. Tai kwon do is the most popular martial art, and two major foods are baigoki and kimchi. Most people have cell phones and internet

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