Reconstruction To 1920's

Opportunity, (Noun) - a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Brendan Fitzgerald, Kunal Patel, Vishal Thakur, Jake Marquis


Freedmen's Bureau- After the end of the civil war, a large influx of newly freed slaves had no where the go, the freedmen's bureau was made to help. It's a federal agency created after the civil war to help former slaves. It gave them shelter, food, and education. It gave former slaves new opportunities as free men. It gave freedmen the opportunity to get jobs and become true free men.

13th Amendment-  This abolished slavery in united states and created all sorts of new opportunities for these newly freed men.

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was a notion held by a nineteenth- century Americans that the United States was destined to the rule the continent from Atlantic the Pacific. Many people from the east moved west in search of religious freedom, land, and new opportunities.

Expansion- The American movement West held a new land of opportunity. Many people went West to persue the American dream whether it be for gold, farming, mining, or factories.

Ellis Island, Immigration

America saw a massive growth of immigrants seeking a new beginning in the 1800’s. These immigrants came from all around the world. A majority enter through the famous port of Ellis Island in New York City.

Push Factors- Any factor the pushed someone away from one area. Many people fled to America from all over the world seeking new opportunities. Some examples of push factors are: massive population growth, over crowded cities, lack of jobs, and food shortages.

Pull Factors- An influence for someone to want to relocate to a specific area. America was a magnet for immigrants seeking opportunity. They desired to create the American dream. America had huge amount of farmland, minerals, and forests for many farmers coming from the crowded countries of Europe.

Progressive Era

The Progressive Era gave many opportunities to people living in the cities. This was a time of innovation and industrialism. It began to open up industry to the general public and revolutionize America.

19th Amendment- This gave all women the right to vote. It opened new doors for women's rights and led to many more advancements for women in history. It created new opportunities for women all over the US.

Women began to work and for the first time, it was a widespread happening. It would lead to many more milestones and create opportunity for women.

American Imperialism

America had just began to expand and control new areas outside of the country. It was a time of war and controversy in America, we would end up with several new territories and many new opportunities.

Spanish American War- America had gotten into war over the suspected Spanish attack on the USS Maine. After several years of fighting, the treaty of Paris was signed and America ended up with Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. This newly gained land would offer many new economic opportunities. Not only would it make America larger, the land gained wold offer new opportunity for trade of exotic goods such as sugar cane.

World War 1

World war I was a struggle for the world. It was an intricate web of powers, alliances, and war. This was a new war like no others. The equipment, strategy and politics were like o other war before it.

World War I was a war of innovation and many new inventions. New things such as: trench warfare, tanks, mustard gas, machine guns, and many more. With these new inventions, came many new opportunities. Inventions such as tanks and machine guns gave way to all sorts of opportunities for countries at war.

Treaty of Versailles- The treaty signed just outside of Paris that ended WWI. It created nearly 7 new countries and changed the world forever, making new opportunity for the future.

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