Going east or west? Cobalt is the best!

So, what is Cobalt?

The metal Cobalt is an essential need for everyone. Cobalt is found in glass sculptures, paint, metal car parts, hip and knee replacements and is needed to make the color blue.

Why cobalt?

Cobalt will help you survive for sure wherever  you may be headed. Cobalt can help you build things like weapons and cars. You can trade it with locals because metal can help build houses and even jewlery. Cobalt can help you make colorful blues for clothes, paint, glass, and more. Cobalt is very valuable to survival.


  • brittle
  • melting point- 1495 degrees celcius
  • crystal structure- hexogonal
  • number of protons and electrons- 27
  • number of neutrons- 32

Cobalt is great for trading with locals and using the blue die to make other things such as clothes and paint. This is why it is a good social aspect for anyone  going anywhere.

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