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We have begun the new year in an upbeat but unusual way, LOL.  Everything started out normally the first week of school, but as you know, our daughter Allison "Ally" and her husband, Jake became parents at the end of that first week of school.  Henry James "Hank" Glover made his appearance on Friday, August 30 at 7:16 p.m. - on the 39th anniversary of wedded bliss with my husband, Jim.  We are so blessed to have another grandchild - the first one in nearly 20 years!  Our daughter, Cari has blessed us with three grandchildren - Miranda, Kirsten, and Mitchell - but it has been a long time since we have had a baby in the family!!

Since Hank was one week late making his debut, Jim and I postponed our scheduled anniversary trip to Seattle, Washington, to celebrate our anniversary.  So on the day after precious little Hank was born, "Nana" & "Papaw" flew away to give the new parents some nesting time alone and to have some fun adventures of our own.

I love starting new piano students in my studio, and I welcomed two of them the first week of school - Samantha, a 4th grade student who attends the school where I teach elementary music and Chloe, a 3rd grade student.  Below is a picture of Chloe taken by her mom on her first piano lesson day.  Several years ago, I taught piano lessons to Chloe's aunt, Stephanie Jackman Hargus, when she was a young girl.  Stephanie now is a mother of five! and over the years has taught private piano lessons and directed childrens' choirs in her church.  Needless to say, I am very proud of her!

I look forward to the first of October when two of my returning students will rejoin the studio, Madison and Kylie!  I am sure they will have many adventures to share with me about their summer.  They also had an addition to their family this summer when their older sister and her husband became parents in August.  I know they are already enjoying becoming "Aunt Madie" and "Aunt Kylie"!

I hope to bring you more updates throughout the year of what is happening in my studio, my school and my family.  This is my first attempt, so please be understanding as I learn how to express myself in type.  :-)

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