How drugs effect your way of living

by Jack and Preston

Drug Misuse

Drug misuse is one of the ways that people can become addicted to drugs. Drug misuse is when you use drugs differently than you're supposed to. You should avoid drug misuse at all costs. To be sure of using prescription drugs correctly, make sure to follow all the directions given on the label. You should never increase or decrease the amount you're supposed to take. Also make sure you are using drugs only prescribed from your doctor and make sure you are not taking someone else's prescriptions.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is lot like misuse, but misusing it on purpose and far more dangerous. It can also apply to using illegal drugs. People like the way the drug makes them feel, so they begin to take more of it and more often. Some people abuse drugs because it helps them through problems in life. But even though it feels "good", abusing drugs is very dangerous.


When a person who becomes dependent on drugs, meaning they take the drug everyday, stops taking it, they could go into withdrawal. Withdrawal is negative symptoms that come with trying to stop taking the drug. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, craving and, if its serious, suicide.


If drug abuse becomes too serious, it can lead to addiction. Addiction is when you use a drug without the ability to manage it. Using the drug even if it is harming you. It just harm you, but the people around you. Addiction can ruin the bonds between your family and friends. Grades in school can be affected because of lack of focus on the subject at hand and instead craving the drugs. Soon, the person can be dependent on the drug either psychologically or physically.

Physical Dependency

Physical dependency is when body has chemical changes, changes that make the body need the drug in order to function properly. Symptoms of physical withdrawal include vomiting, fever, joint pain and other, negative symptoms. Taking slower doses over a period of time can help you overcome physical dependence.

Psychological Dependence

Psychological dependency is someone's mental or emotional need for a drug. The people with psychological dependency feels they need the drug in order to live their lives normally, craving the drug all the time. Sometimes, psychological dependency is harder to overcome than physical dependency. Psychological withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, irritability, depression and headaches.

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