Orange Business Flex WP Theme Review

Professional and responsive Orange Business Flex WordPress Theme for Offliners- Attract most visitors by your unique Theme

A Honest Orange Business Flex Review


A warm-hearted thank to you for visting my blog-where I am proud to say that I’d love to share with you my deep and careful Orange Business Flex review.

WordPress has become the most popular and powerful websource worldwide thanks to its easy-to-use features even for a newbie. It must be a smart choice to select WordPress as a base to run online or offline business. A large number of marketers are increasingly earning thousands of dollars with WorpPress. WordPress offers all beneficial tools to help businessman run quality business to the end of life if he or she knows how !

At this degree,  getting large profits from the web means the same with a “must” of getting massive traffic by any way we could do. One of them is to get traffic from the Search Engline by SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). To optimize well your blog, key word, good content, backlinks are the first steps to consider, of course. But beside all, there is also a main factor to be paid attention to: Theme ! For onliners, they need a theme which is friendly towards Search Engine to rank better, and for offliners, they need a theme which is unique and professional and have most of the flexible  features to help  function the local service business beside plugins.

Recently, although Genesis and Thesis are one of the most common theme for SEO, those themes are created just for online marketing and  not very unique to the visitors’ eyes because they are used widely. One can have the same theme with another. For offline business, an administrator really needs a theme that can be fully customized and to become exclusively UNIQUE to attract a lot of visitors and reflect the powerful image of company. As demanded, Orange Business Flex was born to meet that requirement.

Orange Business Flex WP Theme Overview

  • Product: Orange Business Flex
  • Author: Hantoko Tranta
  • Niche: WP Theme
  • Launch date and time: July 4th at 10AM EST
  • Price: $14.95-$27
  • Official site : Orange Business Flex site

What is Orange Business Flex ?

That is a WordPress theme with which a user can fully customize easily with a few drag and drop and clicks to create a professional and “CHARMING” sites to visitors that they have never seen before. This kind of theme is primarily created for local business offering reservation for their services in any niche.

Why you should need it ?

As a principle, the first impression is very important to the success. An impressive image of website when a visitor sees at the first glance will shape a long-lasting and profound impact on him/her. A excellent theme can create a pleasant atmosphere to a fastidious visitor and then  result in turning him/her a customer propably, which is performed by very few themes thesedays ! Orange Business Flex is able to do such. More or less, with a few minutes, an admirably extraordinary theme will be formed reflecting the exclusive face of your service company. You are not worried about whether or not your theme is similar to others. There is only yours on the Earth.

Additionally, SEO onpage will not be your concern any more. While a number of pretty and free themes are available in WordPress, they can not well optimize in Search Engine.As it is: “The cheapest is dearest” and we know it. A good result just comes from a good investment. There are only premium WP themes that can help you rank better in Google, Bing and Yahoo and Orange Business Flex ,with its SEO options,  is an ideal one.

Main beneficial features:

  • Orange Business Flex obtains a reservation which is intergrated with payment platforms such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express accepted.
  • The theme also has a database of reservations: A reservation input is stored and is exported in excel.
  • 5 ready made color scheme is available in it and it offers options for infinite colors customization.
  • A custom page template is ready for embeded in Facebook iframe
  • Furthermore, Orange Business Flex has made maintenance mode and responsive/mobile ready to be used.
  • SEO options for best ranking
  • and powerful theme options
  • and..many many more….

Who is able to use it ?

If you are an offline businessman running offline reservation offer service business and need a powerful and Unique theme for your website, so you are more than welcome to go for it. More precisely, Orange Business Flex is extremely suitable for site advertising local business such as reparing, beauty salon, spa or event organzing..any niche!  With the theme, your site will get a fantastic covering that you will never see before to grab many of your potential customers. This theme does not require any knowledge or skills of coding, even a beginner can succeed with it.

So what about the author ? Is he reliable to follow ?

Orange Business Flex ‘s author is Handoko Tantra Aka. He was a pure bloger who loved to work with Adsense and Amazon Affiliate. As time goes by, his knowledge  grows powerful enough to expand to the realm of Internet Marketing as a marketer. He has released many of his own product, especially, WP theme, to help other bloggers and Internet marketers. His products received many positive testimonials from users in warrior forum.

Here you can see some testimonials on his launched products that I have searched and extracted from the Warrior Forum.

But wait ! How about pricing ?

There are 2 licences: $14.95 for single site ( you will insert the Orange Business Flex theme in only 1 site) and $27 for unlimited sites (you will install the theme as many site as you want). The need varies among people. In case you run many aspects of business and have got many sites or you want to creat (you are a website creator) unique and profession sites for clients, unlimited license is no doubt appropriate for you. With more $12.05, you have a power to use it till the end of your life- is it a good deal ?

I would like to tell you one thing more about the product price. It is really an attractive offer because you can seize the opportunity to get the Orange Business Flex wp theme with original price . Yes, you can get it at anytime you want but this chance doesn’t come twice.Why? Because after this prelaunch you will have to spend more money if you want to get the Orange Business Flex wp theme.

Why do you still hesitate over your choice?

Orange Business Flex Money Back Guarantee Program

A money back guarantee is always included in this product. You will have 30 days to test the quality of Orange Business Flex. If you are still not satisfied with the theme, feel free to contact him and ask for refund. You get your money back immediately. 100%!

Nothing is perfect! I do not believe a so- called perfect product. It must contain some drawbacks somehow

Um…At this point, I would say the theme will not work for those who are not motivated in making website. If you are demotivated or you are too lazy to make a few clicks, drags and drops to creat your own UNIQUE and PROFESSIONAL webiste, so then Orange Business Flex is NOT for you. The theme is ready and it is you who makes it run.

To sum up

If my older brother Danny who is also running a website or my friend My Ngoc  who is running clothes store ask me to find a good theme for their site, Orange Business Flex will be my first choice. Of course, free themes are available their but I said when we spend, we will gain.

Hopefully, this article supplies you with comprehensive details of this product. For any further info for this theme, please click here to explore more. And now, if you are excited to decide download it now , you are more than welcome to go here. Grab it and do not wait because the price is at the lowest rate and will rise soon. This is only a special discount Handoko can offer us at this moment. Be quick and think big. Success only come from right decision!