For this task, you will craft an analytical response using your assigned motif which answers the question below (click for assignment details):

In Oedipus Rex, how does the development of a motif create theme?

I tracked them. I tracked them all!!!

Motif Tracking Practice

    Refer to the documents below to give you an idea of what I am asking you to do for this paper and to practice thinking about the progression of a motif. When you look for a motif, do NOT select one we tracked in class (Light/Dark, Sight/Blindness, Justice, Family).

  • Practice 1
  • Practice 2

Selecting Your Evidence

Choosing your evidence is important step in writing a strong analytical response.

You already have selected your evidence! Refer to your shared doc, "Motif Tracking Entire Play" to help you to select your motifs. This is important - well selected evidence will allow you to craft a stronger response.

You want to pick examples that span the entire play- from the beginning, the middle, and the end. This will ensure that you can adequately demonstrate a development of a theme.

Use this DOCUMENT "4 Motif Selection" to guide you through this process

Crafting Your Thesis

Using the evidence you chose from Doc 4 "Motif Selection," you will craft three big picture claims about the progression of the motif. I want your claims each represent a different idea about the progression of your motif. This will be a challenge, but you can do it! Use the thesis rubric below to help you to craft a sophisticated and arguable idea.

Use this doc "5 Developing Claims about Motif Development"

The Introduction

Refer to "the Adjustment Bureau" Introduction Assignment to refresh your memory about what a well-crafted introduction includes. We will not devote explicit instruction to how to craft an introduction.

Introduction Rubric: Refer to this rubric to help you to organize your intro in greater detail. However, I will use the Analytical Rubric to specifically grade you.

The Analytical Rubric

Turning in Your Work

Your work is due Monday, March 2, at any time. Please use to submit your work. Late is late! Even a minute.

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