Organic Cotton Sheets - Why You Need Them For General Health And Well Being

According to statistics, we spend about a third of our life sleeping. This is the reason why you need to get the very best garments and material for your beddings. The degree to which textile gets in to contact with your skin is directly related to human ecological requirements which are met. Organic cotton sheets will help you reap the many benefits of naturally grown fibre. These days, the impact that an activity or item poses to the environment should be carefully considered.

It has come to be acknowledged and accepted all over the world that anything which poses danger to the environment poses risk not only to the present but also the future generations. In order to convey the many benefits that eco-friendly solutions offer to the general population, it is important to focus on the effect on the individual health and on the planet. While it is agreed that organic is good for the safety of the environment and to the individual health, there are counter arguments about cost, convenience and distribution. So, some may still ask, why organic cotton? There are two main reasons for this, namely, the general good of the earth, and also your own health. These two features cannot be separated from each other.

The hidden dangers of conventional cotton:
If you though that the satiny mattress cover or silky sheets are all you need to have good sleep at night, you are wrong. You may not believe this but many chemicals are used for the production of the luxurious look of most conventional textiles. Some of these are known to irritate the skin while others are out rightly carcinogenic. Pesticides tend to disrupt your endocrine and eventually they cause hormonal imbalance in the body. Recent studies have linked exposure to these compounds to cancer, developmental brain disorders, infertility and obesity.

Organic cotton sheets will help eliminate the danger of getting exposed to the said harmful chemicals. Everyone sleeps in very close contact with the bedding materials, and this goes on for many years. For this reason, acquiring stuff made of organic cotton can be one of the greatest health protective choices you have every made. In fact, some shave stated that organic cotton is as important to your life as organic food.

Cotton grown and processed organically will prevent exposure to fungicides, herbicides and other harmful chemical residues. In order to get the best quality, you should get the sheets made from organic cotton from trusted source. Also ensure that you check the GOTS certification. GOTS is the acronym for the global standardsbody, Global Organic Textile Standard.

The conventional cotton growing methods are not safe to the environment. This is because pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals are use in the production of conventional cotton, all of which are harmful to the environment. The effects that these chemicals have on wildlife and soil is horrendous. The fertilizers applied on the soil can drift all the way in to waterways and the some water will end up in a glass to be drank by a human being. In other words, the harmful chemicals used in the production of conventional cotton will end up in the human tissues. In short, the methods used for the growing and production of conventional cotton are harmful to our ecosystems.

Why organic?
Human beings, just like the environment, suffer the bad effects of conventional production of cotton. The chemical residues released in to the air and to the soil by fertilizers and pesticides end up affecting the workers in the cotton farms and anyone who breathes the contaminated air. Also affected are those who use the fabrics which are made from the conventionally produced cotton. It is because of the love of protecting and maintaining one’s health, and protecting the environment that organic cotton has gained a lot of popularity across the world. You can now easily get organic cotton sheets at affordable prices online.