My Rockin' Summer

Games, a road trip, and fun!

My summer was pretty stereotypical. I went on a road trip, played games, and went to a friend's house (they came over, too). It was actually pretty exciting, as I had quite a lot of fun at both my friend's house and Kansas/Missouri.


1) My favorite daily activity was Skyping my friends while playing Minecraft. That's changed now, though.
2) My favorite place to be was my friend's house (my best friend to be exact).
3) My favorite person to see over the summer was my best friend!
4) My favorite movie was Frozen at the time, and my favorite TV show was Doctor Who.
5) The best overall moment I had was my birthday celebration!
6) My favorite song in the beginning of summer was Let It Go, sung by Idina Mendzel, and Brave by Sara Bareilles near the end.

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