Wonder Character in the spotlight: summer  By:orion

character's  Tie  to  the  Theme

The character ties to kindness.  summer was kind  to  august  when ever he was down  like  at lunch, the playground when she was around him she stand up for him and all that stuff. she learned how to be  kind to other people . I know this because i read it from book  

Character Influences

august was  the big impact on my character because she alway standup for him went he got  bullyed by other kids.the big impact on my charater on summer was august because they  sat at lunch with each other laughing and  other stuff fun game at lunch. my relations ship was august would't have chang with out summer. I know this because

I chose summer because she was brave to sit with august at lunch. THE tone in the story was happy  because summer was a kind person to august at school and huagout with august a lot. THE author purpose the character to be a nice friend to new kids at Beecher pep so they would't feel left out.THE impact the character was that summer teach me  to  be nice to new people that goes to there school make feel right to go to my school.

Character Analysis