''To kill a Mockingbird''

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''In a story to kill a mockingbird''.It was during the summer days of the 1920s when interesting things took place in Maycomb county. Summer was spent mainly by three characters; Dill,Scout ,and Jem. The summer begins to go by so fast because they were having funand spending quality time with eachother.It was always thebest season in Maycomb County for them.The story contains multiples of lessons
    One lesson i've learned is family never failyou.When you are having trouble or any problems ,your family is there for you.Family will always tell you right for wrong and sometimes they may be wrong,and you have to correct them.When they tells you whats right it's not to embarass you;it's to make you do better in life.Most of the time they tell you to do whats right because they care,and they are not always going to be with you in life ,and there are some things you are going to have to learn in life on your own.

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