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Osiris Shoes

These are my #1 favourite shoes right now. In this webpage, I will have a bunch of pictures and information on my favourite brand of shoes, Osiris.

There are four colours of shoes in this Blacklight collection. The colours are (in order of which ones I like first): Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink. As you can probably tell, the Blacklight collection of shoes are my #1 favourite line in the Osiris brand.

Here are some images of the four colours:

This collection of Osiris shoes is my favourite, but there are some other ones (mostly Osiris brand) that catch my eye. Mostly ones with bright colours. Here are some examples:

These are some limited edition Xbox 360 Osiris shoes. They are pretty sweet. Unfortunately, I do not know where to buy/win these shoes or if anyone is still selling/giving them away.

When it gets chilly outside, these shoes look like a good indoor and outdoor option. The fur-lined inside will help keep your feet warm, at the same time as making your feet look good.

Osiris also makes winter boots. They keep your feet warm during winter or in cold places, and, like the fur-lined shoes, they make your feet look good.

Next, I will just show a few pictures of some special edition Osiris shoes.

By the way, I'm not saying I like Care Bears, I just want to show special edition Osiris shoes. I don't like all Osiris footwear (I like most of them), but I will still post pictures of some of them.

Here are some AWESOME looking Osiris shoes I found on

Here are some plain white Osiris shoes that an artist has taken to a whole new level.

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