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From what i know OSU! is a game that is based on songs and has four different single player modes as well as mods in game itself so that you can make the game more difficult or easier for yourself .

In-game Modes


In this mode you must hit the circles on the right time and there are sliders that you have to drag as you click and spin circles as well by following the song .


It is following the bar and hitting the keyboards letter z,x,c,v in time and on the spot to gain a high score.


osu mania is basically a mode where you use the letters to play the game it also have up to 8 keyboard button to use .

catch the beat-mode

Lastly this mode uses the arrow key mode to control a character that hold a plate or something to catch the fruits which represent the beat of the song.

personal thoughts........

Personally I enjoy the game because it can have a large song range from nightcore to k-pop to anime songs as well as gamebased songs.For those who have played the game would agree that there are so many beatmap to choose from that are exciting. Well this are my thoughts and hope u would play and enjoy the game.

More Info?

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And for those who want beatmap packs or more songs download here and account is needed before download of packs :https://osu.ppy.sh/p/packlist

Videos to watch

gameplay of all modes

how to download beatmap pack tutorial/how to put into the game

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