Apps for the K-12 Classroom

Mobile Learning is a great tool to introduce and include in student learning!!

5 Great Mobile Apps

Prezi Viewer: A great app for viewing presentations that are created from the Prezi website. Students can create presentation on the website and then use their mobile devices to show the app. They can view presentations created by their teachers as well which is a great way for them to study during down time.

IThesaurus: Is a great app for Language Arts. Students can quickly look up a synonym or antonym while writing essays and papers.

HTRecorder+: This app is great for recording classroom lectures. Students can use this when teachers are explaining important information and use it later to study for exams or while doing assignment work.

Edmodo: Great app for sharing notes, assignments, grades and events between teachers and students. Students would be able to access important classroom information at anytime. Leaving assignment papers in the locker

Quizlet: Allows students or teachers to create flash cards that can be used as a great study tool.

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