Chelci Borland: OU-C Heritage Day

An Honor to be Recgonized at Annual Campus Event

This past Thursday I was able to take part in a really exciting event that took place on campus this week; Heritage Day.

At this annual event, Dean Tuck presented an award to six recipients, including myself. The awards recognized current and past OU-C students for community service work. My fellow recipients were: HSA Club, Kyle Jordan Frankel, Abby Hartley, Bill Showman, and Tammy Simkins.

Just being nominated for a service award was an honor for me, so actually being recognized at Heritage Day was really amazing. I think that it’s awesome that OU-C took a fun event that has brought OU-C Alumni together for years now, and added a new exciting twist to it.

To learn more about OU-C Heritage Day, click here.