Outdoor Team Building at Discovery Village

Team building programs outdoor are conducted for work units at places outside the work situation, where conducting games and experiential exercises can be organized in a fitting manner.

Industrial and IT Units in cities like Bangalore periodically conduct Team building activities at the outskirts of the city for initiating their work force with team spirit. The cohesive and supportive working of individuals of different culture has been the objective of these programs and making them feel good in the work environment with unified thinking is obtained through well planned outdoor team building programs.

OD experts through out the world have designed many outbound games that would enhance team working. These time tested team building works hops are conducted by every organization to maintain employee job satisfaction in work units. These workshops and activities are managed by professionally qualified persons in the field by customized group activities organized outside work stations.

Cities like Bangalore have many well-known and reputed industrial organizations at the same time there are a number of spots where team building activities can be conducted with a special flavor giving good ambience for conducting these workshops.

Outdoor Team Building workshops

Outdoor Team building programs cover areas of attitude development offering group members skills to work in unity. Among many team building activities, group working games and lecture prgrams are proven alternatives among these. These can be organized in any or some of the tourism attractions around Bangalore city.

The work group is taken for a picnic like trip, for Outdoor team building activities, while there are popular venues in the form of star hotels in each of these attractions. The group can be put into team building activities as they visit these places and instructional sessions held at appropriate venues. Among these places, some of the gardens and open areas, with closed auditoriums attached to them are available for hire, in all the cities, particularly in places like Bangalore.

In an outdoor team building programs, games like ‘Win as Much as you can’ are very popular and are universally adopted. Some of the other team building games would include:

    · Two Truths and a Lie –where the participants are required to spell out the truth and lie statements that the other participants would write and produce.

    · Picture Pieces Game – in which a large picture is cut into a number of square pieces one each given to each of the participants, for them to group together and assemble.

    · Zoom – a game initiated by IstvanBanyai, which is internationally popular, in which the participants are required to sequentially arrange a set of 30 pictures to form a narrative.

    · The Great Egg Drop – a serious 2 hour long game, training the participants in group problem solving skills which is popular worldwide.

Outdoor Team building programs in Bangalore

Management Consultants, both local and international, have their officesat Bangalore who can facilitate Industrial units for conducting outdoorprograms in Team building. These consultants offer customized programs for Work Units of any size.

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