Switching from Outlook to Gmail

Thank you for taking the time to view my training on switching from Outlook mail through Google Mail (Gmail).

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Why Google Mail?

Power, Convenience, Easy Access and FREE

Gmail is web based with unlimited storage. You can log into Gmail from any computer or mobile device. It's FREE.

Your current email address is your gmail address.

Better Collaboration

Easily share docs and videos

Provide instant chats & video collaboration with Google Hangouts

How to Find, Bookmark & Open Gmail

This introduction video will show you how to open Gmail with Chrome, Bookmark your Gmail page, and set your Gmail to automatically open within Chrome.

Gmail Tutorials

This screenshot of my Gmail inbox is an interactive image made with thinglink.

Hover your mouse over the image and icons will appear on the image for you to click and learn more about Gmail.

Click Gmail thinglink for a larger view.

Google's Basic Training on Gmail

Looking to learn more and master Gmail? Here are 9 lessons from Google.