Chapter Summary:
The Outsiders
Chapter 5

Modified from CliffsNotes

Waking up in a church with the dull realization that Johnny's killing of Bob and the flight from the law really did happen, Ponyboy daydreams about being with Darry and Soda and how wonderful life was at home. Johnny had gone for supplies and returned with food, cigarettes, soap, peroxide, a deck of playing cards, and the book Gone with the Wind. In an effort to blend in and disguise their appearances, Johnny cuts and bleaches Ponyboy's hair; Ponyboy in turn cuts Johnny's hair. Following Dally's orders, they stay inside the church and pass the time playing poker and reading aloud from Gone with the Wind. This routine continues for five days until Dally shows up and brings them back in touch with the outside world.

Dally brings news, and a letter for Ponyboy from Sodapop. Soda had discovered Pony's sweatshirt at Buck's and realized that Dally knew where Pony was hiding. Soda's letter expresses how worried both he and Darry are and how much they miss Pony.

Dally had been picked up and questioned about the murder, and had let it slip that the boys might be heading for Texas. Because of this misinformation, Dally tells Johnny and Ponyboy that it is safe to go out for a drive and get some food. They head down the mountain with Dally at the wheel doing 85 miles per hour. They stop at a Dairy Queen and both boys eat nonstop. While Johnny and Ponyboy inhale many rounds of food, Dally gives them a quick rundown of the events back home. Because of the killing, the Socs and the greasers are engaged in all-out warfare, and a major rumble is planned. The greasers have a secret weapon; they have a spy working for them: Cherry Valance.