Vocabulary Journal Instructions

The Outsiders

Audio Directions


You will keep an individual vocabulary journal throughout our reading of The Outsiders. Noticing new words, and being able to find their meanings, is part of being an excellent reader. S.E. Hinton uses some great vocabulary throughout her novel--savor it! Technologically speaking, completing this on Google Drive let’s me easily see your updated work.


  1. Complete the table for each chapter with at least three words from the chapter that are new to you. (Because Chapter 11 is so short, it is combined with Chapter 10.)
  2. If you want to put more than three, feel free. I’ll even consider giving you extra credit for it! (Talk to me about this!)
  3. You may find definitions whichever way you like, although I personally prefer Dictionary.com. Put the definition in your own words or link to new words if you need to (i.e., if the definition itself has words that are new to you, look those up too!).
  4. I’ve completed an extra word for Chapter 1 as an example. You can also see it below.
  5. Beware: some words have multiple definitions. Make sure you understand the original sentence from the novel and choose the definition that fits.


Example entry for your vocab journal


  • The vocabulary journal for each chapter is worth five points.
  • That’s 1 point for each column of the table.
  • Your vocabulary journal will be graded for each chapter separately, so then it is worth 55 points overall.