Using advanced techology to provide online advertisers with highly motivted customers.

About Oversee.net

At Oversee.net, a team of online performance marketing technology experts is dedicated to helping consumers quickly and easily find the content and/or products they are looking for.

Its flagship business, DomainSponsor.com, helps online consumers who unknowingly typed-in an undeveloped domain name in their internet browser address bar. Instead of that consumers seeing a “404 Page Not Found” error message, DomainSponsor displays a highly relevant list of keywords and text ad links designed to help the consumer find exactly what they were looking for when they typed in that undeveloped domain name. For example, a consumer who types in fancylighting.com would see keyword options that can instantly refine their search plus text ad links that can take them to a variety of different fancy lighting merchant websites. As a result of being shown all these options instead of a page not found error message, the consumer does not need to restart their search at a search engine.

DomainSponsor not only helps online consumers who are navigating to undeveloped domain names, but it also helps the owners of these undeveloped domain names by generating ad revenue on the organic “type-in” traffic visiting those domains. The owners of over 6 million undeveloped domain names use DomainSponsor each month. Over 240 million unique visitors per month visit these undeveloped domains. In addition, advertisers benefit because they receive highly motivated consumers clicking through to their website.

For the owners of undeveloped domain names who consider themselves domain name investors (a.k.a. Domainers), DomainSponsor runs a conference series called Webfest Global (a.k.a. Domainfest). This conference series offers outstanding networking and learning opportunities. Speakers include domain investing experts as well as a variety of online marketing, mobile marketing and landing page optimization experts.

Oversee.net also owns a portfolio websites and mobile apps that help consumers compare options and make smart purchase decisions in three categories: travel, personal finance, and online shopping. Key websites include LowFares.com, AirportParking.com, CreditCards.org, BadCreditOffers.com and ShopWiki.com. In total, Oversee.net’s sites and apps funnel over 14 million high quality consumer leads every month to advertisers.

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