A Peaceful time of life

life is beautiful when you open your eyes  .

All rules are not necessary because, when Lily was on her bike the guards saw her an because of it she got in trouble.All rules are not fair because in ''The Giver" they can only have 2 kids I don't think that's fair because, they should be allowed to have as many kids as they want like we can have as many . In our society when the baby first born the birth mother get to keep there new born ,in jonas society they take th new born right away .If they don't obey the rules they will be released because,they didn't obey nor follow the rules like they was supposed to.All consequences are not fair , it should not be a instant or severer consequence meanwhile, they should give them a chance to make it up not just to give it to them because its a perfect world . Rules can't be change because, it's the Utopia Society they really can't change the rules although it's a perfect world so they don't think the rules should be changed no war .

The Utopia world

Jonas bathing a women

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