Wonder Project by Owen

Character's Tie To Theme

The theme that impacted my character the most was friendship and bonding.At first he judged him but closer to the middle he didn't judge him as much.(Don't judge a boy by his face) Then a bond had be come between him and August,and he saved him and with the help of some boys who never liked him.But then they realzied he was really nice and good kid.So even more people other than just Jack experienced friendship and bonding.

Character Influences

  • My character impacted August the most because Jack showed him bravery and what real friendship. How he did that was because he stood up to Julian and the 7th graders. PS. don't be Julian. Plus he was August's few friend through the school year. But in the end August got a lot of new friends but Jack was always one of the best.Who imapaced Jack most was August because he really made the way he thought about stuff.He never judged things how they looked until he got to know them.Another way August impacted him was what a real friendship felt like.

art representation

This paintings called The Storm on the Sea of Galilee byRembrandt van Rijn.

I did this painting for Jack because he has a lot of "Ship Wrecks". Like when he had to be friends with August in the start of the book ,because he didn't want to be friend with the zombie boy. But in the end he liked him so some problems make a good change in life,but some are bad.Plus like the people on the boat he had to struggle. like to keep good in school work and if he didn't become friends with August he would have gotten bad grades. Because August helped him study and let him take a sneak peak at his paper.

charter analysis

I choose this character because he really made the story interesting,because he punched the jerk kid Julian in the face.Plus Jack is a lot like me too.The tone Jack happiness to me because he he so out going,and like sure whatever.He is really nice too.He stands up for people who are in trouble.Like when he stood up for August when Julian was picking on him.The purpose of jack being in the story was,because he was a big part of the story like all those times when people needed help he was there for them. Especially August!Plus he was a main part of August's school year and out of school too.The impact jack have on me is a good felling that August is going to make it through the school year because i was worried about him.But in the end it turned out just fine. It made me feel good that August had a friend and that was my favorite character JACK !!!