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     The Utopian is the way it is, so everyone is equal. Everyone is the same as everyone, no one has anything special about them accept Jonas. To make color fair, no one can see color, only black and white. These people suppress urges for other people by giving everyone pills. These people don't want sadness, pain, or sickness. These people have climate control so it won't rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Some of these weather condition could hurt people and that would be a problem to the Utopians.

     The only thing different about the utopians is their personalities. These people put the young children and the elderly in a caring phasility and take care of them. Their jobs or career are chosen based upon their personality and abilities. Their laws are called the " The Book of Rules ". When the adults get their job or career at the selection, they get rules based on their job or career. This society is in a way strict but these people accept it.

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