IB Theater Journal #1


September 13, 2013

This image and video (http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2013/06/04/wednesday-on-ac360-boston-bombing-victim-reunited-with-her-hero/) was used in class to inspire my group to create our monologues.

           During theatre class today, we worked on familiarizing ourselves further with the IPP. We used the Boston Bombing event as our main ruling idea. The activity was to first, go to different stations in the room that had stimuli and write down something we felt that image or report strongly represented. Then, we watched a news clip (link above) from "Anderson Cooper 360" about a woman who was trying to find someone that had helped her after the explosions. While we watched we were asked again to write down words that we thought represented this video.

          After the video was finished we got into groups of four. I was paired with Monty, Scott and Chauncee. All groups were asked to perform a different task. Our group had to individually write four monologues that were inspired by a picture (above). The other three groups had to, devise a set of movements to a piece of music, compose lines that would apply to the end product of the IPP, and construct a tableau which depicts one of the stimuli. We had a few minutes to work on our topics and then we presented.

           The way we presented our material was perfectly arranged. The first two groups were, my group, monologue group and the line group. In the line group consisted of Emily, Mike Marsh, Amy, and Hannah. Our two groups took turns speaking a line then a monologue until we were all finished. I ended the group with my monologue. I was happy with the way it came out and I think my last sentence, "It brought strength back to our city" was a strong and powerful note to end on.

          The next two groups to present were the movement group which was, Olivia, Michelle, Rob, and Noah and the tableau group which was, Dan, Connor, Sophie, and Emily. Both groups had composed different displays of the Boston Marathon Bombing however, they both were similar in many ways. The way that I, the audience member, observed their performance was that the tableau group captured the action like a photograph and the movement group displayed the scene in real time. Their performances were presented with the accompaniment of a song (see YouTube link below).

          In this activity, each group had managed to create all the components of a play off the same stimulus. This activity helped me understand how the IPP should be done. I feel more confident about approaching the IPP because of this activity. During this presentation, I believe that I was a risk-taker because I normally am not one to be excited about writing and reading aloud a monologue. I also believe that I was a thinker because I put myself in someone else's situation and was able to create a story about them and what was happening around them.