Puts the A in awesome

Isn't he cute? ISN'T HE!?

On the weekend, I had to bathe my little brother. For some reason after my dad bathed him a few years ago, he became scared of water on his face. He probably drowned or something. But he's overcoming his fear little by little. Oh! Your staring at him aren't you!? You think he's cute don't you? DON'T YOU!?

My so-so holidays

On my holidays I had 5-7 sleepovers at my friend's house. We also had an all nighter... 6-7.00 am. Then the highlight of the holidays... dun dun DUN! We went to the beach!! I have no photos of it though, it was really fun! They were selling gian inflatable sandles that you could use to float in the water. Over all it was a so so holiday. What did you in the hollidays? Did you go to your grandparents house or went to another part of your country?

What's in my cultural heritage

My cultural heritage is mainly filipino and a bit of Spanish and Chinese. I was asked to show  my class a tradition that I do. So I picked a Filipino tradition, Noche Buena. A giant meal on Christmas Eve. We usually have lechon (Roasted Pig) and adobo a very yummy thing which is kind of like a stockpot. Do you know your Cultural heritage? Are a native of your land?

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