Various Types Of Instruments Used In Medicine

The quality of diagnosis and treatment of patients is much dependent upon the various medical instruments used by the healthcare providers. They use a wide range of tools and equipments to do their job properly. Some of the main categories associated with these are as follows:

• Microscope and stethoscope

• Breath analyzers and pulse oximeters

• Knives, blades, medical pumps

• Surgical garments and wheelchair

• Spirometers and others

It is possible to divide these and other categories as well like stethoscope and dissecting instruments, surgical kits, laboratory items, disposable clothing, and stainless steel items among others. When it comes to microscope, there are 120+ types available for the hospitals and other healthcare establishments. These are part of stereo, advanced research, surgical, operating, Vernier, and metallurgical types. Many more other varieties are also available for use at the laboratories for effective analysis of subject.

An expansive range of surgical tools and equipments aid the doctors in their job and these can be of specific types based upon the type of surgery they are performing. Some of the general items in use include scissors, tongue-tie, dissecting forceps, ear scoop, abdominal instruments, punch biopsy forceps, and artery forceps. Specific surgical instruments relating to throat, tonsil, bone, and various other parts of the body are also available for use.

Breath analyzers are another common type of equipments used by doctors to determine the blood-alcohol content of a person. These can be breath screeners or digital analyzers ensuring accurate results for conducted tests. Where would a surgeon be minus his or her surgical syringes, scissors, gloves, forceps, retractors, scalpels, and resuscitators? Pediatric surgery is a major healthcare issue requiring use of specialized instruments and equipment like heart monitor for the fetus, baby incubators, and phototherapy unit among others.

As the pressure on hospitals to provide the best possible medical care increases, the demands for quality instruments and equipments also increases in tandem. Stethoscope, forceps, or defibrillators, the ailment a patient suffers from will determine the physician’s choice. A single instrument may perform a wide range of functions. It is wrong to think for example that the only use of stethoscope is in monitoring the person's heartbeat.

Doctors may also use it to listen to various internal body sounds like breathing or pulse points. Besides the physicians, nurses too rely upon the stethoscope while providing care. The function of tongued depressors is in controlling the tongue of the patients. ENT, dental and other specialists use it for examining the teeth, throat, or mouth of a person. These are generally use and throw disposable instruments and as such inexpensive. One highly common but extremely useful instrument that you will find everywhere is the thermometers.

While most of the healthcare providers and nurses use the digital varieties the traditional glass types are also available at various facilities. When it comes to life support, you cannot even function without defibrillators. For these and all types of medical and surgery instruments at reasonable prices, make sure to visit the website

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