Uncle Tom's Cabin

Marie Hall
American History 1

Heros- Uncle Tom, Eliza, Eva

Why? Uncle Tom was a hero because no matter what life threw at him, he kept to his faith and his values.

Eliza showed heroism by sacrificing her own life to save the life of her young son.

Eva was heroic by not believing there should be a difference between whites and blacks because even though her family owned slaves, she did not condone the idea of slavery.

Villans- Marie, Tom Loker, Simon Legree

Why? Marie was villainous because she could never think of anyone besides herself.

Tom Loker was like a villain because his job was hunting down runaway slaves and practically dragging them back to their previous "owner".

Simon Legree was probably the most villainous of all. He was the man that bought Tom and raped that young slave. He took very poor care of his home and the people working to keep it somewhat nice.

Simon Legree

Characters with redeeming qualities- Aunt Chloe, Topsy, Miss Ophelia

Why? Aunt Chloe was neither a hero nor a villain because she doesn't stand up for opposing slavery but she isn't in complete favor of it.

Topsy has a few redeeming qualities because she has changed from being an uncivilized slave girl to a girl fit for society.

Miss Ophelia leans more towards the villain side but she has a few good qualities. She opposes the idea of slavery but she did not like the idea of slaves as people.

Does this book/movie affect you emotionally? Please explain. How effective was this technique in persuading people against slavery?

This book/ movie opened my mind to how hard it was for slaves back then. They would get ripped away from their families without any say in the matter. For a minute I had pictured myself in that position, being torn away from my family, and I was devastated at just the thought. It also encourages me to always stay strong, like Tom did.

I believe that this method was very persuasive because if people can imagine themselves in the position of being treated like an animal, being torn from they family, and being used like a tool, it would completely change their mind about it happening to someone else.

Is this book relevant for people of today? Is it too painful? Do people need to be reminded of what slavery was like historically?

This book is, somewhat, relative in today's time. Although now people don't take it to the extremity of having slaves, there is still racism and this book gives people an insight of how hard the black people had to work to get to where they are in society today. It may be painful to accept that we (whites) took advantage of them, but it is our national history and it also humbles us to an extent.

Slavery was a big part of our nation's history, and it is important for people to realize that it was. They cannot cut out slavery from our history because that would remove the majority of it since it has been around since our nation's birth.

Why do you think Abraham Lincoln credited this book with starting the Civil War? Would the Civil War have happened without the printing of this book? Which is mightier, the pen or the sword? Why or why not?

Slavery had been a very controversial issue even before this book was a glimmer in Harriet Beecher Stowe's eye. The book wasn't technically what started the war, although it instigated many uproars about slavery and provoked people to take action about it. The Civil War would have eventually happened without the book, but since it was such a "hot topic" at the time, the book ignited the fire inside people to fight against it.

Although both the pen and sword are very powerful, the pen takes the win between the two. Yes, swords are very powerful and cause a lot of damage, but when the battle is over there is not need for them anymore and they go away. Wounds heal and that's that. The words inscribed by a pen last for decades, even centuries. Uncle Tom's Cabin was written in 1852, over 160 years ago, and its powerful message is still making its way into the minds of people all over America. A pen's words last forever, therefore causing the most damage, because it can never be taken away.

What are some of the horrors of slavery portrayed in the book/movie?

One of the biggest horrors to me is how families get ripped apart

Another one is how when Simon Legreen bought one slave girl, he bribed her so he could take advantage of her. That is a sad realization of what happened to many young slave girls at that time.

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