iOS apps for the K-12 Classroom

5 apps to help students create their own content using their mobile device

In this module, we looked at apps that can be useful in a K-12 classroom. I've included five apps for various grade levels of students. I chose to investigate iOS apps because I think iPads have incredible potential to engage students in their learning. All the apps are hyperlinked in the descriptions and are written and underlined in blue.

The apps I chose to include in this module are targeted towards creating content rather than strictly for referencing. I also targeted upper elementary for these apps but in my opinion, all five can be introduced in division one elementary as well.


Splice allows students to create a presentation from videos and images that can dissolve in a variety of manner. Students can also add music or a variety of sound effects to their project.

How it could be used: I think this could be useful app for students to use in the creation of projects or to present the results of a research assignment. It can also be used for presentations by students who have anxiety speaking live in front of a lot of people of classroom while allowing them to create a visual presentation to add detail and creativity.


I-nigma turns a mobile devices camera into an QR code reader capable of reading almost any QR code. Students simply open the app and use their mobile devices camera to hover over a QR code to be taken directly to a specific site.

How it could be used: This could be an interesting app if there was a school initiative to create a school-wide fitness circuit. At different locations around the school, students could read the code and be taken directly to an explanation of the fitness activity, the amount of receptions and the targeted muscle groups.

Skitch - Snap. Mark up. Share

Skitch is a image capture app that gives students the ability to capture an image with their mobile devices camera and then add text. The text feature would be useful for instant documentation of where and when the image was taken as well.

How it could be used: It could be very useful for students who were on a field trip or learning outside the classroom. If they see something interesting they can snap a pictures and add a quick note to remind themselves why or what they find interesting. They can email the Skitch image to their email address if they are using a school device or another students device.


Polltogo helps teachers to create a quick quiz or ask a questions and receive responses through a variety of mobile devices. Each polltogo has a unique URL or QR code that can be accessible by a phone, tablet or desktop computer. One of the benefits of this app is it provides a variety of response formats including multiple choice, true/false and open feedback.

How it could be used: I see this app being used to provide teachers with instant formative assessment from their students. Students could also use it in a collaborative group assignment as a quick way to gain opinions or move ahead on a particular task.


In bitstrips, students can create comic characters and add text to create a story or explain a concept. The students can create an avatar of themselves and their friends   

How it could be used: On the bitstrips website, there is a teacher talking about a reluctant writer who became engaged in the writing process through bitstrips. During one of my teaching practicums, I was in a grade 4 classroom with 15 English language learners and I think this app could help relieve some of the pressure of writing in a traditional pencil and paper format. Furthermore, the popularity of graphic novel sets (Bone, Amulet, etc.,) is an indication of how popular this format of literature is with today's students and this site allows them to create their own similar creation.

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