Christmas in China

By Carlie Stafford

Important Dates

Christmas in China in not an official holiday. The non-Chinese call this a season Spring Festival. This festival takes place in Jaunary towards the end of it though. In Hong Kong Christmas day is December 25th and Boxing day December 26th are both official holidays. In Macau Christmas Eve, December 24th, is an official holiday.

Night Before

The night before the children hang muslin stockings and they sleep soundly in their beds.

Gift Bearer

The gift bearer in China is Dun Che lao Ren witch means Christmas Old Man.

Day Of

The day of Christmas in China the children receive new clothing, eat wonderful meals and get new toys. They also enjoy firecracker displays.


In China they believe it is bad luck to run out of food while eating. Anyways here is what they eat they enjoy eating stuffed turkey, whole duck, smoked ham, shrimp fresh chestnuts, bamboo shoots, white sugar and fortune cookies.

Other Traditions

The children of China decorate random outside trees with colorful things they make. That is what i learned about Christmas in China.

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