Absolute Brightness

Mrs. Berrisford

Friday April 11th Character:

The protagonist of this story is Phoebe. I think she is believable because, Phoebe is the judgmental/jealous type because she always has something to say about what her sister, mother or Leonard has to say.

Phoebe doesn’t think she is as beautiful as her sister “Deirdre has always been considered the great beauty in our family... It was as if Deirdre had used up all the genetic coding in our family for beauty, and I got whatever was left over, the dregs” (pg. 2 & 3). This tells us that Phoebe is very insecure about herself and doesn't think that its going to change. Also when Phoebe found out her cousin Leonard will be moving in with them from Phoenix, and she doesn't feel very comfortable with the situation "I have a very bad feeling about this Leonard situation," 

Another protagonist in the story is Leonard Pelkey their cousin. He makes Phoebe feel as if he’s taking over their house and they will be living a different life since he has arrived. “This is it. This is the way it’s going to be from now on. Get used to it.” (pg. 8). He's the type of person that would be digging into someone lives without him knowing them for too long to try to get to know them more in a stage where its more uncomfortable for the people he's talking to." Leonard tried to figure out the situation between my parents. Why were they no longer together? Where was dad living now that they separated?... Mom tried to deflect each one of Leonard's questions." (pg. 22)

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