Interplanetary Space Commission Passport

BY: Henry Forrester


Alien Name- Voesd

Alien Age- On Earth: 18     On Mars: 9.8

Alien Weight- On Earth: 96     On Mars: 36.1

Planet Of Origin- Mars/terrestrial


How Many Planets Is It From The Sun: It is the 4th planet from the sun.

Does Your Planet Have Moon(s): It has 2 moons

Atmosphere And Composition: Mostly carbon dioxide, some water vapor

Does It Have Weather: Mars has weather because it has a tilt on it's axis. It has four seasons.

What Is The Temperature: Average -81 degrees F

A Day in the Life Page

How Fast Does The Planet Revolve Around The Sun: 14.5 miles per second

How Fast Does The Planet Rotate: one revolution every 24.6 hours

Length Of Day And Year: 687 Earth Days in a year/24 hours 37 minutes in a day

Size Of Planet: 4,220 miles in diameter

Interesting Facts

-The month of March is named after Mars.

-If you were driving 60 mph in a car, it would take 271 years and 221 days to get to Mars from Earth.

-Mars lacks an ozone layer; therefore, the surface of Mars is bathed in a lethal dose of radiation every time the sun rises.

-Mars contains the largest labyrinth of intersecting canyons in the solar system called the Noctis Labyrinthus.

-The symbol for Mars looks like a shield and a spear from the war god Mars/Ares. It is also the symbol for the male sex.

-Egyptians called Mars the “the backward traveler” because Mars appeared to move backwards through the zodiac every 25.7 months.

Description of Alien

My alien's name is Vosed. Its head is red, orange, and yellow to blend in and scare away other aliens and predators. It is an omnivore because it eats some weird type of meats that gets imported from another galaxy. He also eats some plants that grow on Mars but they got a 100,000 pack of seeds shipped from another galaxy. It"s body is red and it is adapted to the environment even though it is very cold. Its body is red because it wants to blend in with the environment. It is very athletic. He likes to play outside. He throws the ball as far as he can and then runs and catches it himself when he has no one to play with. He is also rich. That is how he gets his food.


What Were Your sources: All my sources were from the internet on my macbook. I used 4 different websites.

What were the Websites:                            


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Comment Stream

3 years ago

You have done well on the facts and your alien fits the description well

3 years ago

You put facts I did not know about Mars and I like to know more about space

3 years ago

I definitely like the project, and alien! There are just a few unrealistic facts in there that (maybe) were supposed to be true. Overall, great job Henry!