7 Day Curacao Vacation
(+ 2 traveling days)

Curacao is a Dutch island in the Southern Caribbean Sea. You will be greeted by a vibrantly colorful port, pristine white sand, turquoise water, and picturesque views.  

Transportation: US Airways

Enjoy a comfortable ride with US Airlines. The plane fare is $866 round trip.

Beautiful Arcitecture

You will find characteristic, brightly colored Dutch style buildings when you arrive at the port, and charming architecture, shops, and cafes around every corner. According to an island tale, one of the former governors used to get a headache from the white buildings reflecting the sunlight so he requested that they all be painted different colors.

Meet the Natives

Curacao has more than its looks. It has culture. The native language is Papiamentu, a mix of Dutch, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, and it also has some Arawak, Indian and African influences. You will meet genuine natives of the island which will help give you an authentic island experience.

The Floris Suite Hotel

Discover the natural beauty of Curacao at the Floris Suite Hotel located just five miles from the vibrant capital of Willemstad, and enjoy the simple intimate setting (adults only).

Your 8 night stay will cost $1575 ($196 per night including tax).


Experience exquisite cuisine and exceptional service at the hotel's fine dining restaurant and bar. Plan to spend around $30 nightly at the restaurant.

Other Dining Options

Restaurant Mangos, Willemstad. With more than 45 different cultures living together in Willemstad, the cuisine has as much diversity as the language. You will find rich and colorful cuisine everywhere-- from Caribbean to Indian to Dutch cuisine-- you will never have trouble finding a great place to eat.

Things to Do

In Curacao, their is never a moment of boredom. Here are a few activities you should be sure to try:

Sunbathe on the Beach

Swim with the Fish

Curacao is known for its underwater adventure and great diving spots.

Visit the Floating Market

The Floating Market next to the port provides fresh tropical fruits from Venezuela

Mingle with the Dolphins

Jump off a Cliff

Take a Canoe Ride

Let Curacao Inspire You!

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