Outlet ECC XL Axiata Given Gifts Motors and Mobile

Harianjogja.com, SLEMAN- Evy Card Center (ECC) one of the authorized dealers of PT XL Axiata which supervised the city of Yogyakarta and Sleman for prizes ssuch as smart phones and vouchers. Lottery held at Rumah Makan Pringsewu, Magelang Street, Thursday (11/20/2014).

The event was attended by 280 outlets ECC XL and customers spread in Jogja and Sleman.

According Steva, Head Marketing ECC XL Axiata, draw new dilaksakan this year. During this time the prize is only awarded to the outlet XL, but for this year is targeted to customers because ECC also want mengandeng user PT XL Axiata. XL Axiata Axis capital Group Jakarta PT Telecom review

"Not only outlet that our trailer to get the benefit of it, but we also expect user Sim Card XL feel the benefits of using XL", said a release received Steva through Harianjogja.com.

Prizes will be drawn in the form of 30 Samsung Galaxy Trend, 60 vouchers of 60 with a total value of 50,000, the balance of the outlet, as well as its main prize Vario motorcycle numbered 1 piece.

Winners instantly notified when the draw takes place over the phone. Winners Vario motorcycle is Dwi Cahyono Revelation.

"At the beginning dihubungin Rev. Mr. feel like being lied to, because a lot of the draw-draw vibrant fake exist in the community," said Steva adding after finally convinced Revelation believe.

The theme ECC ECC because ECC Dream XL Axiata has a dream to be able to raise cluster XL outlets and users. Hope Dream 2015 ECC event can enroll 60% of the total 3,050 outlets spread across the city XL and Sleman and the draw will be made twice a year course with a different concept from a different buzz.

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