My favorite Season

By: Josie Ervin

My favorite season smells like pumpkin candles, because when I go outside in this season my neighbors put out pumpkin scented candles, and light the wick so the whole neighborhood can smell them. My season also smells like thick air because of how mossy our neighborhood smells from the leaves.

My favorite season looks like colors of leaves. For example; red, yellow, green, brown, ect. My season also looks like... Starbucks coffee because it always seems that my mom, sister and I go to Starbucks a lot in this season.

I hear the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. I also hear kids playing football and basketball in my street. The last thing I hear, is my mom yelling at me to put a coat on.

I normally eat soup or chilly in this season. I eat these because its kind of a family tradition to eat chilly in this season. I also eat Pumpkin pie because of some of the holidays in my season.

The weather in my favorite season is, colder air. So the temperature is normally in the 50's or in the 60's at the highest. I wear boots, leggings, dresses, and sweatshirts in this season.

Other people describe my season with; Cold, warm, freezing, and hot.

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