Divergent: Quarter One Book Report

By Veronica Roth

Book report by Abby Michelle Wilcox


This is a poster from the movie. I chose Divergent for my book project.

Above is Tris, or Beatrice, the main character. Tris is the one telling the story. Below is Tobias, or Four, who is another main character.

Important Parts!

One of the most important parts of Divergent is when Tris chooses Dauntless instead of Abnegation or Erudite, the two other factions from her aptitude test.

Another important part is when the Erudite make a simulation and give it to the Dauntless to make them kill all the Abnegation leaders.

The last important part is in the end when Tris, Four, Marcus, and Caleb all leave the city and go to the Amity headquarters. (Sorry for the spoilers!!)

The Summary

Tris is a sixteen year old girl who lives in a city far in the future. The city has groups called factions, which are based on character traits. There’s Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, Erudite, and Candor. Tris is in the selfless faction of Abnegation, but she transferred to Dauntless, the brave soldiers. As she goes through Dauntless initiation, she starts to like her instructor, Four, or Tobias. At the same time as learning how to shoot guns and throw knives, having friendships with other initiates, and liking four, she has to keep a secret; she’s Divergent. After initiation the Erudite use a serum to make the Dauntless kill the Abnegation. Read to find out if Tris saves the day, or if it’s too late!

Veronica Roth's message to the reader is "One choice can transform you." It is the slogan of Divergent. In their city, Chicago, if you chose a different faction than you were born in, the decision can transform your thought and make your personality change a lot. If you were born in Dauntless and choose Amity, your personality will change from brave and fighting to being peaceful and nice. In the real world, if you do a bad thing and get put in jail, your personality might change from nice to rude. You can make many choices to transform you  into something different.

That's The End!

That’s the end! If you have not, read the whole Divergent series by Veronica Roth! You can get them on your Kindle, from the library, or buy the books at Walmart. The movie is also available at Walmart, too. Thank you for listening!!