Various Type of Handmade Papers

Handmade paper is used for making of writing paper, envelopes, wrapping paper, boxes, paper to paint on making of paper products. Handmade paper and its attractive products are becoming popular in the world market due to their eco-friendly attribute, artistic appeal and durability. As handmade paper is made entirely from recycling of waste materials, its uses helps in saving trees and this contributes to healthier environment.

Under the sun store is a recycled handmade paper and paper products unit and follows the ideology of "waste to wealth" and integrates this in every process, product and practice. It Handmade Paper has wide range of handmade paper which includes gift wrapping Artful papers, Decorative Paper, Silk Paper, Floral Paper, Leather Paper, Wedding Paper embroidery paper, stitched paper, embossed papers, printed papers, batik papers and gift wrapping papers, rolls and so many varieties.

Under The Sun Store is providing various handmade papers and paper products to many reputed big stores in foreign countries in best Quality and competitive prices. We have vast experience of ten years in this trade and also have highly professional designers for above products and also produce Items as per buyer specific requirements.

It has variety of paper products like envelopes, carry bags, gift boxes, diaries, photo frames, paper shopping bags, pen stands, letter heads, business cards, office stationery, notebooks and journals, drawing portfolios, gifts boxes etc. These products are totally natural and eco-friendly, our handmade paper & products can be customized in terms of color, quality, size and printing.

The paper making process one ton of hand crafted paper, created from pure cotton rag spend and others. Handmade document, as the name indicates is made by arms using a mold, which is a structure protected with a smooth, firm display or versatile display. The mold is protected by a smooth structure which shops the run-off of wet pulp. The wet mat of materials staying in the new piece is then dry against bedding & may be hot pushed, cool pushed, or air dry. Handmade papers strength lies in our professionalism speed of work, product quality and customer oriented pricing which will surely not be less than a surprise to you. His team of designers in co-ordination with unique concerts on paper. Which are not only useful but also versatile adding a class to the tastes of its consumers? Thus creating a winning situation among his clients and his workers.

His chosen employees involve ideal styles and visualize, software professionals, powerful marketing team, and devoted employees. Having a innovative curved of mind, we just know the actual market specifications and thus fills up shades to his goals and get them noticed on these handmade papers. His objective to become a quality motivated gamer in globally hand crafted document and products business. Under The Sun paper is particularly special. It is not only made of recycled and waste materials: it is crafted by the careful hands of highly skilled villagers, most of whom were impoverished women. It creates jobs and incomes while saving the environment. For more information visit the site .