Juan Ponce de León


Born into Spanish nobility.

In 1511, political problems caused Ponce to surrender the governorship of Puerto Rico. sort of like a pity prize, this King offered him Bimini, assuming the guy could pay for an expedition and actually find it.

Bimini; an uncharted island in what is now the Bahamas.

He eventually landed in Florida, where he staked a claim for the Spanish Crown and ensured himself a spot in history.

He never actually searched for the fountain of youth.

He served as governor of the eastern province of Hispaniola. Ponce de León led an expedition to the coast of what is now Florida in 1513. Ponce de León departed San Juan on his se cond expedition to Florida, accompanied by two ships and around 200 people. Thinking it was the island he sought, he sailed back to colonize the region in 1521, but was fatally wounded in an Indian attack soon after his arrival.

This is a drawing of Ponce de Leon

Explorer (1460–1521)




PLACE OF BIRTH- Santervás de Campos, Spain

PLACE OF DEATH- Havana, Cuba


C+ (78%)

He never found the Fountain or Bimini, but he became a governor and he named/ founded florida.

Ponce de leon named Florida so he is important, but not very. I think that we should continue how we teach about him the way we do. We talk about him like once and move on with life.

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