Melt Proof Container Lab

Jennifer Bailey   pd. 3/4

We were assigned to design and build a new type of container which will keep ice cold over a four hour truck journey with the least amount of heat gain. Our container consisted of a water bottle filled with ice.  We then took wax paper and wrapped it directly onto the water bottle. Then we put aluminum foil around the wax paper so it could keep the cold inside and also reflect the heat from the outside. Next we put a thin layer of cotton balls onto of the aluminum foil. After that, we put more aluminum foil and on top of the foil, we put plastic wrap. We also had a thermometer inserted in our container to keep track of the temperature over the four hours of testing.

Above you can see the pictures of our design. And below you can click to be linked to Youtube to see our video.

We recorded the temperatures every hour for four hours. At 11:30am the temperature started at 37 degrees Fahrenheit or 3 degrees Celsuis.  Here are our recordings:

  1. Time: 12:30pm  Temperature: 41 F or 5 C
  2. Time: 1:40pm     Temperature: 44 F or 7 C
  3. Time: 2:40pm     Temperature: 44 F or 7 C
  4. Time: 3:40pm     Temperature: 43 F or 6 C

This is the cost of the device we made:

>Tape- $15.00                           150 cm

>Wax paper- $1.50                     30 cm

>Plastic Wrap- $1.00                  50 cm

>Aluminum Foil- $2.50               110 cm

>Large plates- $1.80                  6 Units

>Cotton Balls- $0.37                  6 Units

>Thermometer- $15.00              1 Units

>Total- $37.15

Job Analysis:

1. The product did make the design specifications because our design kept the ice cold over the 4 hour period.

2. The total cost was $37.15 because one of our thermometer were broken during construction.

3. Our team was equally balanced on skill and in my opinion we worked very well together.

4. I feel the quality of our team's work was great because we all worked very hard and together.

5. The biggest challenge for our company was taking the household items and creating a container that is heat resistant and keeps the ice cold.

6. If we had items to work with that reflected heat better or had an idea of what we should do would of made the job easier.

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