Brinicles (Ice Fingers of Death)

Far away in the Antarctic Ocean the ice fingers of death or brinicles await. Due to the high salinity of the water, the ice not only freezes on the top of the water during winter in the Antarctic but shoots streams of ice through the liquid water. The streams of salt water are so cold that they freeze in jets in the water.  They are very fragile but can be deadly. Some areas with great amounts of brinicles are called black pools of death because so many sea creatures get frozen in the brinicles when the jets of cold water first stream down and then eventually freeze over afterwards. They have found many sea creature skeletons in these areas.

Other pictures of the Icy Fingers of Death!!!

That diver better be careful or he may get caught in the Icy Fingers of Death as well!!! I would call this phenomenon amazing as well as harmful. Brinicles can kill off many sea creatures quickly, they sometimes move too quickly for some creatures such as starfish to escape. Although it sure is cool!

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