Atmosphere- By: Colton Journey

Here are 9 facts about our atmosphere

1. How it protects us!

The atmosphere protects us in many ways. One way is the the Mesosphere burns up meteors before they hit earth. Another way is the Stratosphere protects from harmful rays from the Sun. The Thermosphere also protects us from some of the suns rays.

2. How it helps us!

The troposphere is where weather occurs. Without it the only life would be by the oceans and seas, because the lakes and ponds would dry up, and underground aquifers would never fill back up.

3. Fun facts!

Gravity holds the atmosphere close to earth. The thermosphere is where radio waves reflect back to earth. Nitrogen and oxygen make up 99% of the atmosphere. Sprites occur in the mesosphere. Sprites are lightning flashes that happen above huge thunderstorms.

This is a sprite in the mesosphere.

This is a thunderstorm in troposphere.

This is a meteor burning up in the mesosphere.

This is the Aurora borealis, which takes place in the thermosphere.

This is a satellite in the exosphere,

This is a plane in the troposphere.

This is a picture of the clouds taken from the stratosphere.

This is a diagram of the atmosphere.

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