Mobile Apps for Classrooms


Here is a compilation of mobile apps that I have found to be useful in the classroom. I have tried to use apps that relate to my minor in Cree and are tailored for students in the pre-K and primary levels.

Online Cree Dictionary is a mobile app that translates from Cree to English and English to Cree. It also has options for syllabics use. It is available on iPhone and Android. This app is a real time saver for translating.

Students could be given a short story in English that would have to be translated into Cree. Because the app does not translate full sentences, students would also have to rely on prior knowledge to properly conjugate the sentences. Another way this app can be used is to check after translating Roman Orthography in to syllabics. Students can check to make sure their answers are right.

Monster App is an iTunes/Android app suited for preschool and young elementary students. It teaches children about phonetic sounds by using matching games and presentations. It also has different difficulty levels to keep the game challenging and suitable for its users.

Students could be given a list of words from the app and then asked to read them. Students who are having a difficult time with the words can use the app to practice on their own and be re-tested at a later time. Students can practice their sounds on their own rather than having the teacher or assistant practice with them.

Professor Garfield Online Safety is an iTunes app that teaches that offers interactive lectures about digital citizenship. I chose this app because it is definitely something we need to be teaching our students and felt like it was appropriate to the course.

This app could be introduced to the class to provide visually appealing lessons about digital citizenship. Later students could participate in a group discussion about what they learned from the lecture.

Cyber Bullying is an iTunes app that simulates situations and 'tests' kids on their abilities to respond. It also ha

Following an in-class lecture, students could practice their knowledge using this app to see how much they have learned about cyber  bullying and how they would respond in real life situations. Dramatic role-play could be used to test students.

Jacob's Shapes is an iPhone app that helps children learn about shapes. It has a variety of puzzles to practice with shape recognition.

This app could be used for children on their own time during play in kindergarten. I know my son loves to do puzzles and I have tons of puzzle apps on our iPad for him to do. Students could be given some work sheets later on to see if they have retained shape recognition. The great thing about these puzzle apps is that there is no mess to clean up afterwards (like with real puzzles) and that they are more fun and encourage kids with messages like "Good job!" when they have succeeded in finding the correct sport for a puzzle piece.

iLearnWith has many games for mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. The one I chose is the app for healthy eating. It is an interactive game where kids are asked to pick out the healthy snacks to feed the bear. It educates children about what foods are healthy, and which are sugary and fatty and not so healthy.

I would love to use this game for young pre-K to early elementary school children to encourage them to know the difference between healthy and non-healthy foods. I would use it to supplement class discussions, readings and lectures, as well as hands on activities using real food in the classroom and talking about what kinds of negative effects can result from not feeding our bodies healthy foods.

Words Hurt is a Facebook app created by Timothy Mulligan for older elementary students. It is mostly useful for reading information about cyber bullying.

Students would be required to look through app to learn about cyber bullying. They would be required to perform a short skit with partners from groups to show what they have learned from the app.

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My son has been using apps on the iPad and iPhone since he was two years old. I am always looking for new apps that can help with his mLearning so I really enjoyed this excercies.

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