Medieval Armor and Weapons

By:Hailey Varca

Shields, Weapons

& Armor

This was a piece of armor that was used in battles. The armor was protective to help while fighting their enemies. They used many types of weapons to defeat enemies and fight in harsh battles. They weapons were also used for defense and killing their enemies. While in battle shields were useful if someone was fighting more than one person. While that person was killing one person the shield held back other predators. The shield, weapons, and armor were very useful in many types of battles.


The armor was very protective in fights. Back then armor was very valuable, people on horseback and foot used armor to help and protect them. When fighting in battle the armor became very useful if their fighter were to stab them they would not get hurt as instantly They people on horseback were called knights.

Knights On Horseback

Knights on Horseback were very helpful in battle they were a lot quicker at fighting and were much easier to run away from enemies. They helped lead the army of people and the troops. They were also useful when they helped protect the king and other royal people.

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