Hot Wheels Beat That

By: Adrian Shirley, Kathryn Sain, Katie Bentley
and Mary Elizabeth Hughes

Newtons First Law:

The Hot Wheels car stays still until we push the car which is an unbalanced force. Also, if the Hot Wheels car is in motion and stays in motion it will stay the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. For example the car being pushed and then running into something to make it stop like, a wall.

Newtons Second Law:

When we push the Hot Wheels car with our hand it will cause the car to accelerate in speed. The heavier the Hot Wheels car is the harder we have to push the car for it to go the same distance. For example, if we push the car we won't have to push the car hard for it to go very far. However, when we add weight to the car we have to push it harder than when its at its normal weight to go the same distance.

Newtons Third Law:

Every time we push the car, the car will roll which represents the action and reaction. The action is us pushing the car and the reaction is the car rolling.

Forces Involved in the Motion of our Car:

- Applied Force (Unbalanced)

- Frictional Force (Unbalanced)

- Gravitational Force (Unbalanced)

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